Uniface 10.2.01 Patch F114 available for LIB, LU6, RSD, SO9, W32 and W64

Author: daniel.iseli@uniface.com (diseli)

Updates for F114
Issue NumberDescription
31525When Uniface accesses a Oracle database table, it now performs an extra check for fields with a W (Unicode) packing code to ensure that runtime data mapping attributes are appropriately set. This prevents unnecessary data conversions and ensures optimum performance in some circumstances (for example, when fields with W packing codes are mapped to CHAR storage formats). This extra check is not performed if the connector option disable checks or disable all checks is set.
31558By default, compiled module information is now generated when compiling components from the command line (for example, using /all, /dsp, /svc and so on). In previous releases, it was only generated when compiling in the Uniface IDE. To change or control this behavior, you can use the new $GENERATE_CMI assignment setting in the ide.asn file or the /cmi sub-switch when compiling on the command line. If the /cmi sub-switch is used, the $GENERATE_CMI setting is ignored.
Doc maintenanceAdded instructions on using the UTIMER component API.
Doc maintenanceCorrected documentation on using the OCX container widget for Uniface 10.

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  1. Uniface 10.2.01 patch F114 has been released and is available for LIB, LU6, RSD, SO9, W32 and W64 on Uniface Downloads: https://download.uniface.com/downloads/Uniface/patches/10201/ The information about the included bug fixes can be found shortly on the page with the Patch Listing for release 10.2.01. As of Uniface 10.2.01 the bug fix information will no longer be available in the ReadMe's, but only online. Please note that you must have a user account to access the Service Pack on the Uniface Downloads site. To receive an account, you will have to register first. User accounts are currently NOT linked to other Uniface sites such as Uniface.info.

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)