Uniface 10 and Uniface 9.7 PAMs updated

Author: adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp (Adrian Gosbell)

I have just updated the Uniface 10 and Uniface 9.7 PAMs to be Uniface 10.2.02 and Uniface 9.7.04.   Neither are available on the release server right now, they are being readied for release and will be available for download in the coming day or so.  Main changes are currency including:  Support for Cloud platforms - AWS and Azure providers supporting the Redhat, SuSE and CentOS Linux distributions. Support for CentOS on premise. Support for Solaris 11.3 (not 12.3, thank you Stefan for flagging)  Support for Oracle 12.2 for Linux, Solaris and Windows.  

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  1. And 32-bit Uniface is now also supported on Windows Server 2016 (version 9.7.03 only supported 64-bit Uniface on the mentioned Windows version).

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)