Reminder: Uniface support of Windows XP

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The article below was published on Frontline in August and it might be a good idea to remind everyone that Uniface 9.6 patches delivered after April 2014 will not work anymore on Windows XP: Uniface support of Windows XP ( Last Reviewed : 28-Aug-2013 In July 2012 we published an article outlining our thoughts on discontinuing some Uniface currency, asking for feedback. The feedback about our initial thought to discontinue support for Windows XP with effect from Uniface 9.6 told us that we should continue supporting Windows XP with Uniface 9.6. We will provide currency support for Windows XP with Uniface 9.6, and we will continue to provide support with maintenance delivered in patches and service packs on supported Uniface versions. We will stop supporting Windows XP in April 2014, which is when Microsoft will end the Windows XP extended support program. All Uniface maintenance provided after April 2014 will have the Windows XP feature removed. This means that if a patch delivered after April 2014 is installed on Windows XP, Uniface will not start. The attached letter was sent to all Uniface customers in May/June 2013 to ensure that this policy has been clearly communicated. It should be noted that we have challenges with compiler version support and how we build the Uniface product to deploy on Windows XP. There could be situations where we simply cannot resolve technical issues for applications deployed on Windows XP. Customers are always advised to thoroughly test their applications, but attention should be specifically paid to the deployment of Uniface 9.6 applications and Windows XP.


  1. ulrich-merkel said and this even after the survey on this forum has shown 50% of the voters are still on XP.

    If it's that important to you, discuss with your account rep, and he can talk to you about options for extended support coverage.

    Author: Adrian Gosbell (
  2. The show must go on .................... bye bye Win XP we'll miss you !!!!

    Author: TheAleph (
  3. and this even after the survey on this forum has shown 50% of the voters are still on XP.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (