Release date for 9.7.05 and 10.3.01

Author: (Mike Taylor)

I am pleased to say I can give you an update on 9.7.05 and 10.3.01. As of today we are code complete and starting the process of final verification before we release. We plan to make the distributions available for customers to download on 08/08/2018. These releases are the culmination of a considerable amount of effort and introduce many improvements, examples of which are:

  • New C runtimes offering improved performance, stability and security on Windows, Solaris, RedHat/CentOS and AIX.
  • TLS (Transport Layer Security) network drivers have been created for secure encrypted client/server communication.
  • Enhancements to the Uniface 10 IDE including:
    • Integrated form painter for improved screen creation and maintenance.
    • User-defined menus and worksheets for extending and customising the developer experience.
    • The meta-dictionary exports are again available enabling user-defined repository reporting.
    • Clickable Errors to navigate to the problem code directly from the compiler's output messages.
    • SQL script generation from the command line.
    • Load definitions for MS SQL Server.

At the time of release, a full list of enhancements will be available here on as well as in the what's new sections of the Uniface documentation.  Updated license files, needed to run these 9.7.05 and 10.3.01, are available through the usual channels in preparation for the releases.

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