Redhat Linux version support - from Uniface 9.6.07

Author: (Adrian Gosbell)

With effect from Uniface 9.6.07, the PAM now (finally) says we are supporting Redhat 6.* and 7.*.  Redhat release maintenance which updates the minor version number, but we were always behind when it came to verifying, and reflecting the version on the PAM.  And we're not going to list something on the PAM unless it's gone through our verification.  But after quite some effort by our factory team, we've implemented changes in our verification process so that for each of these two platforms, we have two servers that run out automated test suite. One stays at the base version which we built Uniface 9.6 with, and the other will be updated when each maintenance release from Redhat is available.  Now we know how to do this for Redhat, we can take a similar approach with other platforms if needed. 

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