PostgreSQL and Uniface connectivity - PostgreSQL client software versions

Author: (Adrian Gosbell)

We recently ran into an issue when connecting Uniface 9.7 to PostgreSQL, which was caused by the combination of version of Uniface, version of the PostgeSQL ODBC client and version of the PostgreSQL server.  

To make things as easy as possible, the Uniface 9.7 PAM has been updated to reflect the PostgreSQL client version which we have built and verified connectivity to. 

At this time, (February 2016 and Uniface 9.7.01), it was version 9.3 of the client, and that is the version recommended (and supported to use). 

Our recommendation is to use the same version client and database server. 

If there is a need to use a newer version of the server, then please check that connectivity between the version of the client and the version of the server is supported by PostgreSQL. 

Because PostgreSQL is an open source product, new versions tend to be frequently released. We are not intending to rebuild the database driver against the latest client version when released, but on an as needed basis. Please contact us through your commercial channel if needed. 

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