Patch X401B for Uniface version 9.6.04 has been recalled

Author: (diseli)

I am sorry to say that X401B now also has been recalled. We've found another serious side effect, bug 30606 ("Retrieve profile of field might not be picked up when using panel button"): when using a panel button to perform a retrieve then the retrieve profile is not picked up when the focus remains on the field and the active form is contained. We are currently investigating in more detail and as soon as we have some news it will be announced here on Users who are affected (or are uncertain if they are affected) by this issue can easily downgrade to the Service Pack MX03 by installing it on top of X401(B). Doing so, it will completely replace the mentioned patch. We’re again sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you. And if you have any further questions concerning this matter then please do not hesitate to contact your Uniface Support representative ( Note: The above message also has been posted in the thread: Patch X401 for Uniface version 9.6.04 is re-released today ( [Remark] I've made a typo: it should say MX03 (version 9.6.04) and not MX04 (which will be version 9.6.05). I've corrected this now.

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  1. Patch X401 re-released again as X401C For details see:

    Author: diseli (