New Service Desk Rollout Planned

Author: (JanCees)

New Service Desk Rollout Planned   Uniface customers will experience a new support center very soon.   Currently being piloted by several customers, JIRA Service Desk will roll out to all Uniface customers by end of June. JIRA Service Desk will replace the current system, which was set up when Uniface was part of the Compuware organization and had limited functionality in addition to a somewhat clunky user experience.   “JIRA Service Desk will enable the flexibility we need to provide unparalleled service to our customers and enable us to continue to provide 24/7 global support in a more streamlined, intuitive system – all without sacrificing vital security protections,” said Aad van Schetsen, CEO, Uniface.   Customers will appreciate a streamlined, intuitive interface, which will enable:

  • Customized reports
  • Ability to view all open calls
  • Ability to view all open calls specific to an individual
  • Streamlined routing, which will get customers where they need to go more quickly, eliminating the need for callers to answer extraneous questions

  To learn more about Uniface and its rollout of JIRA Service Desk, watch for updates on or email us at To learn more about JIRA Service Desk, click here.

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