Invalid Precision Value error in message Frame

Author: (normars)

Hi, I'm a new comer to the forum, this is the first time I've been here. What got me here is that I'm having a problem with a Uniface report. We are using Uniface 9.3.02 with an ODBC interface to a Microsoft SQL database. My report retrieves several different entities, but one up from the innermost entity is an entity named CCDFTHIST. Several hundred of these records can be retrieved to create the report (how many depends on the parameters you give the report). But out of several hundred CCDFTHIST records, I got 18 error messages in the message frame. The error messages say: HY104 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Invalid Precsion Value I/O funtion: S, mode: 0 on file/table: CCDFTHIST index: 1>= I've done some internet searches on this error message and it has to do with an incorrect value being passed in some parameter to ODBC. Not quite sure where to go to get this resolved. Is this a bug in Uniface? Something wrong with the way ODBC is set up at our site? A problem with the way the CCDFTHIST record is defined? Some issue with how I'm retreiving the table? Not sure what to do here...any help would be appreciated. - Glen

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