IDF on Linux

Author: (knutia)

I want to change my OS from Windows to Linux.
Is it possible to use Uniface development on a Linux OS, for instants on Ubuntu ?
If it is possible on Linux, which distors or cores are supported?
If it is possible, how or where can I download it?
I do have license to windows, is it a different one for Linux or can I use the same one?

Knut Ivar


  1. Sorry, Development (IDF) only is available on Windows.
    Deployment (runtime) is available on many platforms.
    See the Platform Availability Matrix on Frontline.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  2. You might be able to use a windows emulator layer on Linux. I know of at least one 'at home' Uniface person who does this using Wine. But the Uniface GUI isn't available for Linux, yet alone the entire development environment, and unless there is a compelling business reason to do so, I don't see this happening in the future.

    Author: Adrian Gosbell (
  3. I saw this question a while back but wanted to verify/check before responding so I can verify that using the latest wine 1.4.1 you can run the Uniface IDF under the latest Ubuntu 12. In fact the folks at winehq have improved it as my previous tests on Ubuntu 10 did require some standard windows dlls. So far as I can see this latest release does not need them although I have not tested to a great depth, but it does work. Yes I know aside from dlm it's not native but then again neither is .net under the mono equivalent. The setup is identical to my previous postings.Laugh

    Author: George Mockford (