Customer Online Call Tracking coming

Author: (JanCees)

Shortly we will be adding online call tracking to this site. Using this case tracking facility, registered customers will be able to log and view their customer support cases. The "Online Call Tracking" menu item is already present in the "Support" section of Uniface but that still points to nowhere. We expect to have case tracking live really soon. When it is there, the Uniface community will be notified.


  1.  I just wonder how long does it take to happen "really soon"...?!?

    Author: sochaz (
  2. Not as soon as we thought it would be when the message was posted. It looks like we will need some more weeks to get this completed. When the portal is available it will be announced here.

    Author: JanCees (
  3. Customer Online Tracking is now available. The menu item "Online Call Tracking" in the Support section is active and points to the call tracking site. With online call tracking it is possible to log new calls, add new comments to calls and upload/download attachments. Use of online call tracking requires separate username/password information. Many of our regular contacts will receive an e-mail from the system with the username and a password reset option. Once this is set, online call tracking is ready for use. If you want to use online call tracking but did not receive a user information mail by Monday, then please send an e-mail to to request access.

    Author: JanCees (