Compuware Uniface Technical Alert: Patches E114 and X103 withdrawn

Author: Daniel Iseli

(This alert will also be published on Frontline shortly)

Patches E114 and X103 withdrawn

The fix for bug 29952, "Discarding all outer hits can cause retrieving all records for the inner entity", has introduced a side effect that could have a serious impact on runtime Uniface applications.

Description of the introduced problem: A many entity of a one to many relationship is painted as the outer entity. When the first record of the outer entity is discarded and no fields of the outer entity are used in proc, Uniface goes through the hitlist but does not fetch the occurrences. Because this problem happens without any warning or error, there is a chance that application users will work on a wrong data set which can have serious consequences.

As of now, the patches E114 and X103 are no longer available for download. We expect to re-release both patches on Monday without fix 29952. Installing the new versions of E114 and X103 on top of a Uniface installation that has the faulty versions installed will solve the problem. It is also possible to revert to the previous patch levels by installing E113 for Uniface 9.5 and X102 for Uniface 9.6 on top of a Uniface installation that has the current faulty versions installed.

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