Uniface 9.6.04 Patch X401 available for HPK, HPM, LIB, LU6, W32 and W64

Author: daniel.iseli@uniface.com (diseli)

Uniface 9.6.04 Patch X401 has been released onto the FTP-Server for HPK, HPM, LIB, LU6, RSD, SO9, VI1, W32 and W64. The list of included bug fixes will be made available at Frontline shortly: http://frontline.compuware.com/products/uf/fixes/patchlist/patches9604.aspx The information about the included bug fixes can also be found in the ReadMe of the Patch (e.g. ftp://ftp.compuware.com/pub/uniface/patches/9604/w32/w32x401.txt). [Edit] Sorry, the topic title is incomplete


  1. Hello, we have tried to implement this "speedsearch" in U9604, and we faced 2 issues during our QA control. The first one was exactly as Theo mentioned - the pop-up form with results got focus, which prevented user from typing any further. The patch X401 solved this issue, that's great! The second issue was the 200ms timeout - this seems to be too low for regular user. The timeout for OnEdit trigger to fire is "a must" and it is great. The problem is, that this hardcoded 200ms is far too low, and with combination with the focus change, it was a bit useless. After patch X401 it's much more of use... but please, let us set our own timeout - the EditDelay shouldn't be just True/False... it should be numeric value to set our own delay (timeout) in ms. Kind regards, Zdeněk

    Author: sochaz (zdenek.socha@fullsys.cz)
  2. Normally we only introduce new features in releases. But in patch X401 we did include a nice improvement mainly intended for Popup forms. You can now start a new Form without giving it focus. This is nice when you, for example, want to make a speedsearch feature in you application. An edit box where the user starts typing and a popup appears with a list of possible values that becomes shorter when the user continues typing. You can either accomplish this by specifying the INITIALFOCUS option on the NEWINSTANCE statement, or the /NOFOCUS switch of the EDIT statement. And you will need the ONEDIT extended trigger on the edit box, that was introduced in patch MX04.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (tneeskens@itblockz.nl)