Uniface for Android

Author: o.boidin@unilogi.com (Jinx)

Hello, Does Uniface for Android will exist ??? Thanks.


  1. A native android Uniface runtime does not exist. Naturally you can access Uniface web applications from android devices (with a live network/internet connection).

    Author: Jason Huggins (jason.huggins@uniface.com)
  2. In the 'Matrix of functionalities and platforms for Uniface V9.4 Aug 2011' I can only find support for Windows Mobile 5.
    There is no Matrix of functionalities and platforms for Uniface V9.5 on Frontline ?

    If Compuware / Uniface wants to have a 'future' in the fast changing ICT world, they need to provide a fast and easy way ('As usual ...!...?') to develop Smartphone/Tablet Apps.
    Independant of Android / iPhone / iPad / Windows ...

    Certainly for their loyal 'old fashioned' customers who has a lot of Uniface Client/Server and/or Uniface Web applications deployed.
    These customers are increasingly faced with questions from 'the business' to make applications fit to use on such small devices ... 
    But, of course, without cost / time.

    Author: Steven.Konings (steven.konings@imec.be)