Uniface Developer(s) - Florida

Author: knut.dybendahl@gmail.com (Knut)

The organization where I'm placed is looking for 2 Uniface developers to support an application deployed to 4000+ users. Application originally written in Uniface 7, we're moving to 9.6 shortly (from a 9.3 codebase). FL - no state income tax, temperature is very nice, nice beaches and really nice people (that last statement ('really nice people') is my personal observation!). For ex-pats - cost of living here in FL is way lower than Australia / Europe - and many other places in the US. Traffic is really easy - rush-hour lasts for about 30 minutes... and petrol (gas) is around $3.20 / gallon (less than 85c/l). Must be on-site here in FL for the week - any travel to / from FL would be at your expense. I can connect you with my agency here who can assist with a visa (E3 for Australian citizens is preferred - but open to H1B transfer). Please send me an email at: knut dot dybendahl at yahoo dot com if you're interested in further information. PS - if you know of any php or other programming language developer who'd like to move to the US / work in FL - let me know as the agency I'm with is always looking for those types of people too!


  1. It is working with you Knut?.. 

    Author: Adrian Gosbell (adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp)
  2. All up - some 10+ Unifacer's here... and, yes, I'm one of them!

    Author: Knut (knut.dybendahl@gmail.com)
  3. Hi Knut. I am interested in your offer. I am currently working with the world's # 3 IT company and have a hands on experience in Uniface. Please let me know how to apply for your offer.

    Author: D B (diptayan_neo@yahoo.co.in)