Updating user DLL to x64 in 9.7.03 compiler errors on ustdlib.h

Author: jroberson@canberra.com (Joanne Roberson)

Hello.  We have a DLL that we call "UnifaceInterface.DLL".  We use it to call Uniface C++ functions and Uniface forms that need to call our own C# functions. I am trying to recompile it (in VisualStudio 2010) to work on Windows 2012 64-bit. However, I get a fatal error that it cannot open include file 'ustdlib.h' (from iccapi.h) I can't find ustdlib.h anywhere.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?  (I did open a call with technical support, but thought I'd try the forum as well. Thanks,   J. Roberson


  1. Solution from Uniface: In iccapi.h do the following   //#include "ustdlib.h" #define UPLONG __int64 typedef UPLONG ICChandle;

    Author: Joanne Roberson (jroberson@canberra.com)
  2. The mentioned problem btw. has been recognized as: > BUG: 31560 - As from patch G210, iccapi.h includes ustdlib.h which is not distrubuted This issue is still open, but thw workaround is quite simple (as mentioned in the previous post):

    In iccapi.h, replace the line

    #include "ustdlib.h"


    #define UPLONG __int64 (for 64-bits Windows) #define UPLONG long (all other platforms) typedef UPLONG ICChandle;

    (Choose the UPLONG definition for your platform !!!)

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)