Uniface 9 DLM and Citirix

Author: tom_estes@htaoh.honda.com (Tom_Estes)

We are having an issue in our environment. We serve out a Uniface 9 application via Citrix 5 xen app ( this is not officially supported so no luck there). The DLM (Distrib. Lics. Mgr) will often report that 1 user with 2 or more sessions is using 2 or more lics. This only happens if there user is load balanced to a different Xen App terminal server. My question is does anyone else out there host uniface applications out of Citrix and what do you do to deal with the DLM? Regards,


  1. Hello,

    Where is your DLM ? Also under Citrix Xen App. How many DLM have you ?

    Author: apicaud (antoine.picaud@free.fr)
  2. I have 1 DLM server, not installed on a Citrix box, but DLM client is installed on all Citrix servers to communicate with DLM server.

    Author: Tom_Estes (tom_estes@htaoh.honda.com)
  3. I suppose your user open a new application on new citrix server.

    We have the same issue with Terminal Server.

    A workaround for me is under the application, in a menu, an option offer the possibility to call another instance of the application in the same logon.

    In this case, only 1 session, and 1 ticket on the DLM.

    Author: apicaud (antoine.picaud@free.fr)