Migrating COM interface using MS Office 2003

Author: xav_v3@hotmail.com (xavv)


A customer of mine wrote an application with Uniface 8.4
He's using a COM interface (with signatures and handles) to create Winword or Excel files (Microsoft Office version 2003 on XP platform).

I would like to know if anyone has experience with migrating such Uniface programs from MS Office 2003 to MS Office 2007.
If yes, is there many differences in methods/objects ?  Or is it straightforward ?



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  1. Hello Xav,

    As far as I can remember, most things seemed to work, but we found some differences, where we didn't find the "real reason" (some crashes on creating big documents). We did shrink the document size to avoid our crashes (who is reading 400 pages of Word?), and optimized some statements. Best way you can do, is: test, test, test with both Word Versions.

    Another project with an OLE-Solution (instead of COM), we haven't got any major problems in migrating between MS-Versions and even uniface Versions... But I am not sure, if this is a problem of COM, or a problem of the uniface code and complexity of the solution...




    Author: gypsilon (wva@gypsilon.de)