COM dll creation

Author: (Iain Sharp)

Okay, I'm trying to create a dll file.

It's in VS 2008, VB and set up as a com class.

I have the following code. in the .vb, and I build and register the DLL. However, the signature import routine does not give me the QBGetCustomers operation I was expecting, instead it gives me an EQUALS, and three others, and a second signature called U_OBJECT.

Does anyone know what I am missing here. Someone must have written some com code.... Please help, I'm beating my head against a wall of thousands of web-pages, all talking VB6 or .NET and (of course) noe of them relating to the com interface in Uniface....

Public Class ProfitQb

#Region "COM GUIDs"
' These GUIDs provide the COM identity for this class
' and its COM interfaces. If you change them, existing
' clients will no longer be able to access the class.
Public Const ClassId As String = "7b2c0187-1a37-4b93-b873-b5554bc601c1"
Public Const InterfaceId As String = "87b8f51f-596e-4c1c-8347-f32904c61b1d"
Public Const EventsId As String = "75330f8e-9432-4e60-bc4b-7acbc25f0267"
#End Region

' A creatable COM class must have a Public Sub New()
' with no parameters, otherwise, the class will not be
' registered in the COM registry and cannot be created
' via CreateObject.
Public Sub New()
End Sub

Public Sub QBGetCustomers(ByRef v_custlist As String, ByVal v_databasefile As String)
End Sub

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