Web page errors out in Windows 7

Author: rnavanee@hotmail.com (rnavanee)

I am new to Uniface 9 and Web development. When i run the ria examples or a test server page i get 300 URD_MW_ERROR error. I have done the default Uniface installation on WIndows 7 Home Premium edition. What do i need to do to have the web pages work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Raghu


  1. You probably see more then only 300 URD_MW_ERROR in the red error screen.

    The Uniface doc explains this as a configuration error. Check or restart the Uniface urouter service might help.

    Author: sjaak (sjaak.van.schie@uniface.com)
  2. Here's whats in the log file 0:00.000.00 t=6588: CONT_ID=%fv: rout.c-147 % %dc: Thu Nov 12 17:03:23 2009 % 0:00.029.44 t=6588: URouter started at 24-oct-2011 16:46:21 [startup] =================================================================== [startup] Date/time : 2011-10-24 16:46:21.20 [startup] Uniface : [MSW], (Mar 2 2010), $ioprint=0 [startup] Command : Uniface 94 Development URouter, pid=6352 [startup] Directory : C:\Program Files (x86)\Compuware\Uniface 9.4.01\common\bin\ [startup] OS : Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) [startup] Processor : 2 * Intel Pentium Model 6 Stepping 2, (powrprof Err=0) MHz, 3070 Mb [startup] Computer : Navneet-PC [startup] User : NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM [startup] =================================================================== 0:00.033.06 t=6588: URouter pid=6352;rid=65605FB8-5610-41D4-B3C5-42FFB05CB5B5 0:00.033.19 t=6588: started thread to listen to TCP:+13001||| 1:52.417.55 t=6588: clean_sweep: Server startup timed out, sid=1 1:52.417.74 t=5620: err=-25: getsrv: handle_wait wait failed 1:52.417.79 t=5620: server sid=0 is dead 1:52.418.13 t=5620: err=-25: thpsv: Problems handling request

    Author: rnavanee (rnavanee@hotmail.com)