The Badass Squares Trilogy -COMPETITION

Author: (MrBlue)

Parts 1 and 2 of The Badass Squares Trilogy have been shot and released, leaving Theo Neeskens’ head hanging in shame as Mr. Orange, Arnd Ohlenbusch, throws the thug’s girlfriend into a passionate frenzy with his cool, calculated, multi-tiered approach to web app building! But this isn’t the end – there’s a third part to be conceived and shot  - this is where we need your help.

We want to hear your ideas for the next instalment of the trilogy, starring The Badass Squares and YOU!  Maybe it will keep the Tarantino theme going with a Kill Bill cat fight using Mr. Pink’s collection of weapons and karate skills (check out his profile) – or maybe you want to put The Squares in a whole new genre like an 80’s brat pack film (Mr. Blonde might like this idea!).  

The winning idea will  be announced at ICU2010 and go into production, featuring the winning entrant who will be flown to Amsterdam for the shoot and treated like a movie star! Submit your ideas on the compeition page of WWW.BADASSSQUARES.COM from the 20th January - we will publish all submissions here on this thread.

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