New-Orleans Uniface event

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I cannot found any news or informations about the Uniface event last week in New-Orleans. No-one has any information, presentation, roadmap etc to share with the community ??


  1. Hello cabero!  Keep an eye out on Github for "stuff". Here are my highlights, which may or may not be relevant to your site.

    • All patches are inclusive now (this includes distributions; for example going from 9.7.04 to Patch H111 would include 9.7.05 and all appropriate patches) 
    • 7.04 has Oracle 12.2 support 
    • 7.05 will be the last release on 9.7
      • We will have to include the C++ 2015 runtime redistributable 
    • 10.3 will be released soon
      • We will need to switch to STANDARD deployment (we are currently using CLASSIC), but I have a much better understanding of how this works now (and an email address of someone who will share how they did it)
      • 10.3 will put the create table utility back. It is now done from the command line and you can only do one table at a time 
      • Uniface 10x uses the “Scintilla” editor and they are working on enabling more of the functionality – I guess 9.7 is a proprietary editor (one customer asked about cutting and pasting from Uniface to Word and keeping the colors from the editor – apparently that isn’t working in 10.2)
      • They are also working on better source control (with a focus on Git … )
        • Anyhow, they will only have the timestamp modification in one place
        • In theory, the code won’t get all jumbled up anymore either (easier to compare)

    Session Notes

    • A lot on web
    • A lot on mobile apps
    • A lot on security (I did learn some useful information here)
    • Discussed what the cloud is and how Uniface uses it 
    • Discussion on menu extensions (which I didn’t quite understand)
    • There were two customer presentations, which are always interesting to hear / see

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  2. ??? on the Github of uniface, the last update is from sept 2017...

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  3. I would check back in the next week or so ( ? )

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  4. Hi again ! No one have feed back informations about this Uniface Event in New-Orleans ??? Thanx

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