NAUUG Distribution files

Author: (George Mockford)

During the NAUUG conference another question I was asked was how to create a custom distribution of messages and menus that was language specific but did not require the creation of huge DOL files and could be created by the end-user without distributing source code. My solution was to create and use uniface distribution files containing separate language objects and create a simple selection process that would allow an end user to select the required language and then generate a new USYS.DOL with the required global objects. Attached is a short write up of this process. Does anyone use this technique or have any comments?


  1. This document was helpful, the problem we are having is that the /ins command updates the USYS.DOL file. What we would really like to do is update the UOBJ.DOL when we are installing are product at the client site so we can control the language specific components and the size of the DOL file. Basically we would like to allow the user to select the languages they are interested in using and only include those components in the DOL file without supplying the source code. If anyone is doing this type of thing currently your ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Using distribution files always creates a usys.dol file. Aside from the language specifics you can have additional ".dis" files containing all of your regular global objects. So in effect you do not need the usual UOBJ.dol file as all of your objects will be within the USYS.DOL file that you create. Uniface will use either the USYS.DOL OR UOBJ.DOL so you just need to make sure that there is no UOBJ.DOL and that there is no assignment for UOBJ.dol. Remember this is compiled code so you are not distributing source code and besides it's the same technique that Uniface itself uses during installation.

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