Asking for YOUR impressions on CU2

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From us who could not make it to Amsterdam: Happy days, interesting discussions and P L E A S E feed all the info through the "open" channel


  1. For me it was very interesting to see a presentation of a company that had build a Uniface web application with almost no Uniface at the front-end, followed by Gerton's presentation on how to build a RIA frontend using only Uniface 9.4. Does this make the descision in what tool to build your front-end easier or more difficult ?

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  2. "Web development with Uniface- we did it!" Yepp ... that was the presentation of AHP (, presenting their portal with explanation on how and why they reduced Uniface to be a stable and reliable backend and took care of the frontend with other methods. Keyfeatures: o dragable lookup widgets o use of AJAX and JSON o Pagination without DB-Overhead o Full dynamic html form templating system (Design separated from code) o multi language support (as in their client-server software) o field triggers o reused code from client-server software The presentation should be on the "ROCKING usb-stick", Folder "DAY 2", Filename "11_TP_AHP_WebDev.pdf" If anybody needs more information about this, then simply ask! I surely got some more infos on that :) cheers, -GHAN-

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  3. My impressions on CU2? It made me very happy to see that Compuware believes in Uniface. This believe is translated to some very nice new features. I think it is very impressive to see what the Uniface Lab has achived. Back to the CU2. Sometimes the program was to much RIA, SOA and SAAS. Uniface has a lack of SOA support, that's for sure. But the RIA is very promissing. It was sometimes very hard to choose which session to visit, the technical or the business one. I think Uniface has a future. But we certainly need some disciples to spread the message....

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