using CouchBase (not couchdb) with Uniface 9.6

Author: (Stephane BISSEUX)

Hello I successfully found informations about using CouchDB with Uniface ( but nothing about using uniface with couchbase Is it possible? Does anyone ever try this? if it is possible, can you give me some examples? Thanks


  1. Did you take a look at the "uniface samples" as mentioned in the document?

    Author: Lauterbach (
  2. yes, I did The samples work fine with couchdb but not with couchbase.

    Author: Stephane BISSEUX (
  3. So I think you are familiar with couchbase. I'm not. But try this example from the Couchbase Tutorial: variables handle V_HANDLE string V_URL string V_HEADERS string V_CONTENT string V_RESPONSE endvariables newinstance "UHTTP", V_HANDLE V_URL = "" V_HEADERS = "" putitem/id V_HEADERS, "Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" V_CONTENT = $CONTENT V_HANDLE->SET_FLAGS(3) V_HANDLE->SEND(V_URL, "POST", "", "", V_HEADERS, V_CONTENT, V_RESPONSE) if ($status = 200) message/info V_CONTENT else message/warning V_RESPONSE endif CONTENT:blockdata~ statement= SELECT fname, age FROM tutorial WHERE age > 30 ~

    Author: Lauterbach (