installation wizard to deploy uniface application

Author: (StephAll)

I'm planning to create an installation wizard for our uniface application.Did anyone ever tried to achieve this?


  1. We have a .exe using "Advanced installer" which installs uniface 9.5 and then our software. We also have a technique for rolling out 'hot-patches' to our customers via web-services overnight. Which were you thinking about? Iain

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  2. I was thinking about the first solution but the second one is very interesting though.

    Author: StephAll (
  3. Well, the secret to doing an unattended uniface install is the silent install switch. Look up silent install in the uniface 9.5 help pages. Silently Installing the Uniface APS on Windows It is possible to install Uniface APS products without user interaction by running setup.exe from the command line with command line parameters. This can be useful when you are deploying Uniface APS applications to multiple users. Syntax: Path setup.exe -r | -s -f1InstallParamsFile • Path—complete path to the Uniface APS setup.exe program on the distribution medium. For example, if your CD drive is E:, it would be E:\uniface_setup\w32\ • -r —record the installation parameters in a specified file • -s —silently install the product using the specified parameter file • -f1InstallParamsFile —complete path and file name to which the installation data is written during the recording, or from which it is read during the silent installation.

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