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Hi UnifAce There are so many wishes in wishlist. Only a few ones are closed, most of them are open. Are you -UnifAce- took ever notice of them? Im just prepare our environment to upgrade to UF097 resp. later UF10. As our costumers are on UF09604 I have to take care, that (most of) our forms are still compilable under UF09604 So I need a pre compiler constant to distinguish between the UnifAce version. But there is no " #IF (  __VERSION__  >= 'UF097' )  " not even a  constant "__VERSION__" Six years ago, I did ask for them: http://unifaceinfo.com/preprocessor-extend-expression-and-constant/ So the question is: Will there a be an answer to my enquiry, either positiv or negativ? Regards Ingo


  1. Hi Ingo, with the wishlist several of us are always keeping an eye on the requests.  There is no hard and fast rule on how we manage feedback, but as a guideline:

    • If we know a request is going to be implemented with a high degree of certainty, then we will reflect that. 
    • If we know a request is almost certainly not going to be implemented, for example because it's going to really break existing functionality, not in a direction we are heading, etc, then we'll give that feedback. 
    • As we work through the development of a new release, then we will carry out a review and if suggested functionality is included in the release, then we will reflect that. If I think about Uniface 10, that has happened a couple of times and will happen again sometime soon. 
    • As we define new features, we take a look at suggestions and see if they have synergy with areas we are working on and could potentially bring them into the project. 
    • If we see valuable ideas which could trigger a complete project, that could happen also.  good examples would be web services, the  web 1.0 and 2.0 projects, all of which came from the customer base). 

    Suggestions need to be clear, which is why we changed the mechanism when we upgraded the site a few years ago. A 'one liner' almost certainly is not, and details like a use case are always going to help because it is quite common that a request is very specific to the requesters use case, and we need to make it generic for the whole product (we call this 'productise' a feature, and a good example could be the HTLM forms, which we used ourselves for a specific use case in Uniface 10. We plan to productise this functionality but the more we think about it, the more scary it becomes).  Sometimes I ask questions looking for more detail if I think suggestions have synergies with things we are working on or planning to work on.  In the request you are referring to, it's an old one, and it was raised through the early (maybe first) version of Uniface.info, which I assume is why it doesn't have much detail. Reading it, it's not clear to me what you are requesting. If it's important to you, resubmit it and if there is a business driver behind it, talk to Andreas. But we are definitely going to need more details. 

    Author: Adrian Gosbell (adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp)
  2. Moin Adrian Just have a look at the C++ precompiler and you got what we want :-) http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/preprocessor/ Ingo

    Author: istiller (i2stiller@gmx.de)