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Hi all

Altough I don't use, and never used, the multi-tiers facility of Uniface with its business objet entities, component subtypes and application generator, I wonder if anyone on did, and his feeling about this feature.

Any comment ?

Edit : I found a brief topic on the subject (see related content), but I was looking at more information on development overload

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  1. Hi Richard,

    we are using the generator and plan to extend using of it.

    We started once with a new project with complete 3-tier-Design, there we added our own framework as enhancement of the generator.

    It worked fine and supported the development by a lot of standard-functionality, which are automatically created.

    Now, we are building a new framework for our "old" projects and than we plan to migrate the old architecture to a new one as part of modernization.

    For these steps the generator supports you very well, also you can change the behavior by yourself, that's nice.

    But I can only advice, not to use the Uniface Defaults, because there aren't really usable, but give you an idea.

    The main effort, of course, is to set up your own framework of templates, default-codes and operation and decision what kind of architecture. If you have done this, it is easy to to enhance and to use the generator, also in old projects.

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