Uniface with Jasper Reports

Author: martinandheather@gmail.com (byjones)

Has anybody used Uniface 9 with Jasper Reports?

If so, any help would be appreciated - where do I start?!




  1. Hi there,

    i did install it recently on my Windows 7 Machine and played around a bit. But actually not that much to say, that i could give a detailed response on that.


    But, atleast i want to mention, that I'm interested in that Topic aswell ;) Maybe we should give it a try ... ;)




    Author: -GHAN- (hansen@ahp-gmbh.de)
  2. Hi Martin,

    if you are on jaspersoft.com, please have a look at the iEditor as well.
    Like Jaspersoft it has a community edition (free-of-charge).

    As far as I understood, it is just
    - (after you created the report definition with iReport)
    - create a XML datafile by Uniface
    - spawn a JAVA job to do the reporting

    Success in Canada, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  3. iEditor? Do you mean iReport? (http://jasperforge.com/plugins/project/project_home.php?group_id=83)

    I will investigate the generation of XML and the spawning of the Java job. If anyone else wants to investigate too, that'd be good :)


    Author: byjones (martinandheather@gmail.com)
  4. Hi Martin,

    you are right, it is iReport.

    I have opened a section for HardCopies in Uniface (dITo_HCo) in www.uli-merkel.de/dito 
    for exchange of ideas, concepts, prototypes how to do reporting.

    Another part of this section deals with cross-component hardcopy
    so you get a printout of a component and the (open) tabpage.

    Or you can compose a report calling different components but get a single output file.

    In uniface 7.2.04, I used a flexible RTF concept:

    - After opening the file and writing the RTF Header
    - each component just added their lines to the file
    - and the RTF trailer is written at the end

    Given some time (currently I am in the final phase of UniAssist 8.8)
    I will translate and upgrade my concept so I can be published.

    Martin, If you or anybody else want to contribute to dITo,
    you are more than welcome.

    Success, Uli



    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)