Uniface live meetings

Author: jason.huggins@uniface.com (Jason Huggins)

Hi All, In the imminent future, the Compuware Uniface Field Enablement team will hold regular conference calls / web meetings, to provide an open forum for live discussion and knowledge sharing. This will allow you to present questions not only to Compuware but, also your peers across the industry. In order to maximise the value of these sessions, we propose structuring the meetings by having a theme for each. Please use this thread to suggest themes for the meetings. Examples could include topics such as:- Software as a Service, Mobile Deployment, Business Process Orchestration, etc? We will use the polling mechanism of this community to determine the theme of each meeting. The first poll will be published as soon as we have 5+ topics to choose from. Once a theme is determined, we will schedule the meeting and publish the conference call / web meeting details. Thanks, Jason.


  1. At a presentation of your presentation, you mentioned a tool called AIV to help at modernization of application. This tool should show a picture of component flow. Could you plan a little session to explain where to find it and how to us it ? Thanks in advance. Luciano.

    Author: Luciano_2008 (luciano.feragotto@bsb.com)
  2. Hi, I would like to have a topic related to Urouter-Userver installation tips and tricks on Windows and Unix. Common errors and solutions. Best Regards, Alejandro

    Author: aarana70 (alejandro.arana@softar.com.mx)
  3. Hi Jason, I assume these web meetings will not take too long, so perhaps some questions like the famous How2 in uniface may be another area to pick from. I recently discovered the "magic" of partner operations and partner handles. Perhaps this is an interesting topic as well? Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  4. Maybe cover integration of Uniface with Flow and View. In my personal experience, setting up Flow to run on an existing Uniface runtime repository is not straightforward (unless things have changed?) so it'd be nice to have a quick overview of how to achieve this; things like sharing signatures, combining DOL/URR files, etc. Martin http://hosted.byjones.net/turf/

    Author: byjones (martinandheather@gmail.com)
  5. A topic that came up at the NAUUG was the debugging of web applications. The solution can be applied to regular uniface applications too. Could this be a good meeting topic?

    Author: Jason Huggins (jason.huggins@uniface.com)
  6. Maybe we can have a look at the Uniface 9 Integrated Web Editor ? Regards, Andrea Burnham

    Author: aburnham1 (andrea.burnham@compuware.com)
  7. Ideas/options for debugging server components would be good. Also, perhaps a session on how to best approach MQ communications.

    Author: discooctopus (disco@discooctopus.com)
  8. The results of the first ?Uniface Live Call? poll are as follows: URouter, UServer Tips & Tricks 28% Integration of Uniface Flow 25% Repository tools 21% Uniface application server remote debugging 17% Public & Partner Operations 7% A call/webcast will be scheduled in the near future to explore ?URouter, UServer Tips & Tricks?. Watch this space!

    Author: Jason Huggins (jason.huggins@uniface.com)