Uniface Outlook Signatures

Author: dkaiser@ims-mainz.de (dkaiser)


has anyone experiences about the Uniface Outlook signatures (com interface)? I would like to create a task in Outlook 2007. I can create a subject, body,... of the task, that is no problem, because I think  these are general Mailitem operations. But i can`t set a Task Start Date, or Task Due Date or save the task. Spezified Taskoperations doesn`t work (procerror: -59). I think I forgot something or ....? I have no more ideas and I can`t find any kind of documentation or something.

If anyone has any kind of experiences, references, documentation, ideas,...? Please let me know.....Thanks Guys


  1. I`ve got a solution for my problem. In signature->operationdetails, for example "SET_TASKSTARTDATE" in the area "Details of Com" was a wrong Literalname. I change it from "TaskStartDate.put" to "StartDate.put" and it works!!!


    Author: dkaiser (dkaiser@ims-mainz.de)
  2. thanks for sharing it with us;

    I will include it in the next dITo digest.

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)