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Author: umesh.lumpatki@gmail.com (umesh.lumpatki)

Hi All,

Is there any "Community Edition" (or free evaluation version) available for Uniface Learning or Development?

If 'No', then, are there any plans to make it available for Uniface Users in the future?



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  1. Hi Umesh,

    at the moment there is no free or community edition of Uniface available. The Uniface Lab is currently working on plans to make such version available in the future. For now, I advise if you want to learn Uniface to pls. contact your local Compuware/Uniface representative and discuss the options to obtain Uniface for education purposes.

    If you are connected to a University or other education program, Compuware has several options to make software available for training programs.

    Hope this answers your question. If you have additional questions or need help to find out who your local Compuware contact is, please e-mail me directly on ton.blankers@compuware.com.


    Kind regards

    Ton Blankers

    Product Manager Uniface



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