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Hello, Has anyone integrated Uniface with Microsoft FTS or Git? We are using PVCS dimensions at the moment and we are looking at alternatives.   Thanks


  1. We won't start getting into this until after the initial release, but we'll do more than just the SCCI approach in Uniface 10.  I'm very interested in the GIT approach, we'll get some people together for this sometime in the New Year to hack out some ideas. I've had a couple of people come forward who would like to be involved and help in the thinking so that's the plan.  We are also looking into starting up a project to start using it within the Uniface Lab. (currently using IBM's Synergy product), so as we become more familiar with it, then it can help the product in a few ways. 

    Author: Adrian Gosbell (
  2. We use TFS 2010 for source control on Uniface. We created a screen in Uniface for checkin / out Uniface components and then with a OCX (.Net library with API calls to TFS 2010). In basic we call the uniface export function (create the xml files). + some function that create .lst files (some kind of the listing files of Uniface) All the checkin numbers are again linked with the internal task system where we can compare, get a specific version... And with some automatisation we get the latest versions of the xml's in TFS and import them in other Uniface environment (ACC)

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