Supersede Uniface default web error message

Author: (mequ_den)

Hi all,

Do you know if there is a way to supersede the default Uniface error page (the one you get with http://localhost:8080/uniface/wrd/run/unknowncomponent)

I know you can change the messages for a collection of other error messages (by changing the errxxx.htm files in the webroot folder) but that last one still resists attempts at editing.

I found the source code for that page but it sits in the compiled usyshttp.svc and changing this only offers a very limited range of possible modifications and does not add up to a viable production solution.

I was hoping that Uniface would allow for a superseeding default message (something along the lines of the HTTP_DEFAULT_STATUS messages etc...), but high level of trace did not hint to it going for any such message.

This is an issue for both Uniface 8 and Uniface 9.





  1. Currently it's not possible to do so. The yellow pages (and the content) is generated by uniface when the USP can not be found.

    The red pages are when the connection to the urouter fails for whatever reason or when some pre-request trigger return and negative status.
    The templates for these red pages can be modified.

    You might create a wish for this. Maybe to add your own service that is called in cause of these kind of error.

    Author: sjaak (
  2. Hi,

    Here is a small change that can help with your requirement.


    Status: Solved in 9.3.01

    Patch(es): D603 N206 O103


     The USYSHTTP component uses a logical (USYSHTTPBGCOLOR) that lets you change
     the background color of the generated error screen. More logicals are needed,
     specifically to set the title, header, and also the body in case customers do
     not want al this sensitive information in the page.


     The following logicals have been added to enable customizing the yellow error
     USYSHTTPTITLE            Specifies the title of the error screen
     USYSHTTPHEADER           Specifies the header of the error screen
     USYSHTTPBGCOLOR          Specifies the background color of the error screen
     USYSHTTPBACKGROUND       Specifies the background image of the error screen
     USYSHTTPBODY             Specifies the body text of the error screen

    Author: Jason Huggins (
  3. Yes, this was brought to my attention, and will work as a workaround as we switch to Uniface 9.

    In this mode however you don't seem to be able configure the new messages to present some of the environment variables, (through %%$procerror%%% etc...)




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