Subversion SVN with Uniface SCCI

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Has anyone here used SVN as their source control with Uniface SCCI?

We are currently using Tortoise CVS on our Windows shell against a remote CVS repository, and we have been told that we are now moving off CVS and onto SVN.

I know we can use Tortoise SVN as the same way we are uing Tortoise CVS, but we want to start using SCCI within Uniface.  Is there a SVN dll that is available to plug into the System Preferences form as the "SCC Interface dll"?




  1. Hi disco,

    after all the secrets they put around SCCI (just try to get a documentation for the interface),
    I do not think you will find a SCCI dll to connect to subversion.

    After spending a lot of time and energy to find clues for the SCCI (in vain),
    we started a dITo project to provide an interface for subversion to be used with uniface.

    Think you use already a similar approach.

    Success, Uli


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  2. Hi Disco,

    We have used a third party software for this purpose, called PushOK.

    There is a cost for individual license though (it was only about 20 Euros though). It is fairly simple to use and I haven’t had any problems with this.

    You may need to play around with the settings, as it can be quite processor heavy.

    Hope this helps,


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  3. Hi Jon,

    thanks a lot for this link, looks like there is a way using open-source tools together with uniface.

    Can you give us some hints what needs to be specified in Uniface to make it "talk" to the plugin?

    TIA, Uli

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  4. Hi Uli,

    This is the same kind of configuration as for other SCCI compliant software. Within the System Preferences in Uniface, point the SCC Interface dll to the installation DLL (in my case C:\Program Files\Pushok Software\SVNSCC\sccapi.dll).

    Then do the rest of the setup as per normal.

    The way I have done this before is to have Tortoise SVN installed on the machine too. Use this to CheckOut the code from the repository.

    I hope this helps,



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  5. You can try also Tam Tam scc svn :

    There is also the solution from March-Hare :

    NB: For those still using cvs, you can use the free Jalindi Igloo :


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