Redirection of compontes at runtime

Author: (istiller)

Mayby some has a clue:

I want to "open" a component at runtime from a different directory the defined in the ASN file
there are two directories


and an ASN file with this line:

*.frm     X:\ENV_1\frm\*.frm

At runtime, I want to "open" the component (form)  "THECOMP" not in ENV_1 but in ENV_2.


With lines like this in ASN

*.frm     X:\ENV_1\frm\*.frm
ENV_2:*.frm     X:\ENV_2\frm\*.frm

the redirection will work, BUT ...
But this will not work, as there is no valid signature for "ENV_2:THECOMP".

Any other idea to solve such a "problem" ?
And UAR is - for several reasons - not the solution :-)



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  1. At runtime due to some decision within the code?
    Because the following in the asn will work to run all forms from ENV_1 except "MY_FORM".

    MY_FORM.frm X:\ENV_2\frm\MY_FORM.frm
    *.frm X:\ENV_1\frm\*.frm

    So if it's on a site wide, or client basis, that will do it.

    Author: Iain Sharp (