Pragma V5Profile

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This was a question that I had a dinner at the North American UUG tonight. Years ago, our developers added 'Pragma V5Profile' to various places in our application. I have been in the habit of removing that whenever I come across it. I was wondering what exactly that code does.


  1. Hi, Pragma was about the way Uniface interpreted profile characters; the * and > etc. In Uniface 5, if you entered Week* and hit retrieve you could be searching for anything beginning with Week or, specifically, Week*. They used to be described as "maybe" characters. In Uniface 6 specific gold profiles were introduced. Pragma V5 or V6 profile was added so that, in proc, you could decide, after migration to Uniface 6, whether it should behave in a Uniface 5 or Uniface 6 manner when interpreting "maybe" characters. regards, daveyex

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  2. So what does Pragma V6Profile do?

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  3. It was a choice V5 meant that Uniface interpreted the characters as "maybe"; pragma V6 meant that it was strictly GOLD+wildcard: Anything without GOLD was a literal. It meant that Uniface 5 users could retain the old behaviour when migrating to 6.

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