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I would like to know ideas on the best way to generate multiple (anywhere between one a several hundred) individual MS Word documents with mail merge type data for each document, and then save each document in individual files giving each file a specific name.

Currently, we are generating a CSV with mail merge data, and then prompting the user to open the mail merge document and execute the mail merge. Word doesn't give an option to save individual files for each mail merge record without executing a macro. This is not how we want to do it due to having to maintain this macro code for every type of mail merge doc.

Has anyone got good ideas on the best way to do this?



  1. I have an MS word signature which allows you to activate the ms word mail merge function 'invisibly' (in that it still ties up the machine).

    You can then create a csv with one record in it, run the mail merge, save as, create the next csv and so on. Probably slow, but it would work.

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  2. The client I'm currently working for does it with macro's in the document templates as you described.

    - Lot of maintenance on the macro's when file servers (- directories) change, i.e. outsourcing, virtualization etc.

    - Lot of maintenance on some part of the text-blocks that are still in Uniface components, tying up developers doing 'simple' text changing work.

    - End result (merged Word doc) is still modify-able by end user. Not desirable when these documents have a legal status.

    I once saw a presentation by a Dutch life insurer (insurance policies --> legal docs) on how they bound Uniface with 'StreamServe'. I was impressed.

    Please see this presentation (in Dutch)

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