List of Changes in Versions

Author: (chrisp)

Hi All,

is there a fairly detailed list of changes/additions in each version of  version 9?




  1. Release Notes?

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Ok, so there's not one document that explains the major changes/additions through the versions then?

    I'm just wondering if we should move up to 9.5 (when released) however I could do with a nice list of Uniface changes to see if it's really worth it to us or not.



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  3. ... think it's the best to ask your local CPWR contact.

    But your own experiments will speak louder than a list of features.


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  4. The description in the "What's new" section within the uniface help is exactly that what you need.

    This helps us also for our decision wether to upgrade or not...


    Just get e.g. the newest chm file out of frontline  (

    Download the chm compiled helpfile and look at the described place. There are ALL changes described from 9.1 up to 9.5 .


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  5. Online-Help (uniface Library):  Chapter: Getting Started, there you find the chapters Whats new in Uniface 9.x; up to the current version.

    Or within frontine:



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  6. Hi Wolfgang,

    thanks for pointing to the "Whats new" in the CHM.

    But I think changes can be found (only) in the release notes

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