JTI : hide applications to different users

Author: gares44@gmail.com (gares44)


I need install a JTI server. I will have several uniface applications (different icons with different startup-shells and asn), and several users.

Some users can run every uniface application. But others can run one or two applications only.

In JTI you can "hide" an application if you remove permissions to run it at Windows level: over exec file with mouse right button, go to security, and to have permission to run only for some groups/users, and not for others.

But with Uniface applications the exce file it's the same!!! And I don't found any solution in Uniface JTI Manual.

It's very strange that JTI was an Uniface product, and there isn't any way to assign permissions to different unifaces icons ...

If anybody know whoch is my mistake, please inform us.

thanks in advance,

 Jose Antonio Martinez



  1. What we have done is as follows.

    The cluster manager is set up as

    Executable path :- C:\WINDOWS\system32\pcicmd\blcmd.exe
    Start Directory :-
    Command Line Options :- /C ".\start_profit.bat pci_profit_bristol.asn"

    Where pcicmd\blcmd.exe is a copy of cmd.exe, which can then have it's permissions set individually, and start_profit.bat contains
    start "" "C:\Program Files\Compuware\UNIFACE9\bin\uniface.exe" /asn=%1 /ust="%username:~0,8%%random%" demo tcp:

    This is because our application requires the UST set (for asynchronous messaging) and it needs to be different for each session for each user....

    If you don't need the UST you could probably get away with creating copies of uniface.exe and setting the permissions on those (but you'd need to make sure they were kept up to date with the rest of the patch levels of uniface).

    All in all, it's a lot of work compared to some form of internal permissions in the cluster manager, but it does work.

    Author: Iain Sharp (i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk)
  2. Thank you very much, your solution run ok.


    Yesterday I had test copy uniface.exe with othe rname, but I have had errors of startup shell. Other optian can be copy uniface bin directory, ...

    But your solution is better.

    I have created a dir c:\apps. In this dir I will create one directory for every uniface icon. Inside I will put a copy of "cmd.exe" and one bat file with asn, and other parameters.



    Author: gares44 (gares44@gmail.com)