How to create a Call-in webservice based on external WSDL

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We need to implement a soap webservice in Uniface (version 9.7.04). We need to make a Call-in to Uniface. We have got a WSDL from another party. The WSDL contains complext data types as well. They will send a soap message based on the WSDL. We need to process this soap message and put some of the received data in our database. We cannot do a Call-out, because the data needs to be pushed to our webservice. I have tried to find any information about how to implement this kind of webservice in Uniface. All I can find is how to build a Call-in webservice starting in Uniface and creating the WDSL from the created service. Can anyone point me to some usefull information about creating a Call-in webservice based on a WDSL?   Greetings   Richard


  1. If you have a look in the help (.\doc\ulibrary.chm), you'll find this information if you'll search for /sti: Use the command line command /sti /mwr=ws WSDL (the WSDL import facility) to import the file. idf /sti /mwr=ws {/bare} {/dataonly} {/gen=Options} {/nosig} {/verbose} {/mod=ModelName} WSDL So, if you start idf with something like this, that'll do the job: sti /mwr=ws Good luck, Edwin.

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  2. /sti however creates a call OUT signature from a web service.  What the OP would need is something which created the parameters, and possibly data structures within a service, which they could then use /sto to create their own copy of the wsdl. 

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