Hidden fields in grids

Author: christoffer.aronsson@ladok.umu.se (voltagecontrol)

Hi everyone,

I would like to convert some old forms using "normal" uniface-dummys to use grid-widgets instead. However, the old forms often make heavy use of hidden fields to hold technical data, and as far as I can see there's no apparent way to hide fields when using the grid widget.

This is a real shame, since most of the time, using the gridwidget would be a very nice modernization of our old forms - but if we can't hide these technical fields the grid becomes littered with "junk" fields. Do you have any suggestions on this topic?

I realize that one way would be to create and maintain a separate "tech data dummy"-entity in parallell to the grid, but this would require quite a lot of rewriting compared to just converting old entities to use the grid-widget.


Best regards
Christoffer Aronsson, Sweden


  1. You can use the unsupported feature VISIBLE. In the entity properties for the grid widget you can set VISIBLE=FIELD1=F;FIELD2=F;FIELD3=F to hide the fields. Known limitations. 1. Having hidden a field, you cannot resize the field to its immediate left. 2. If you add another field to the entity, the stored layout stores a field width of 0 in the relevant column, so there will be a displayed field which you cannot see without resetting stored layouts. 3. There is a limit to the size of the entity property, over 1024 Unicode characters is ignored, so hidden fields may display after all. Another approach is to declare the technical data as non-database fields in the model, then they don't need to be included on the paint palette at all. P.S. Check out the two or three wish list entries for this functionality.

    Author: Iain Sharp (i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk)
  2. Great, I'll look into that :)

    Author: voltagecontrol (christoffer.aronsson@ladok.umu.se)