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Yesterday I packed up my Uniface 4 mug and Uniface 8 Oscar and left CollegeNET to start out on my own in a whole new direction building iOS apps.

I've been part of the Uniface community for over 20 years including the last 18 in the US and have made many, many friends over that time too numerous to mention here or for me to contact personally. So excuse me for using this forum to say thank-you to all of you and to wish you best wishes and good luck for the future.

However in the short term I'll probably still pop in here because I'll be doing a little bit of work with CollegeNET as part of the transition.





  1. Andy,


    You'll certainly be missed!  Good luck.


    Author: JEfromCanada (
  2. Take care, Mate!


    But if I catch you implementing this admob stuff into an app, then hell breaks loose :) Anyway ... good luck on all this



    Author: -GHAN- (
  3. Hello Andy,

    I can attest you've been part of the Uniface community for 20 years, as we met in 1991 in BP France, with Uniface 5.1!

    Best wishes and good luck in your new direction,

    Gilbert Canali


    Author: gcanali (
  4. Hey Gilbert, glad that you are still around and that I didn't cause you too much grief back then.

    Hope things are still going well for you.




    Author: heydona (
  5. Andy:


    You will certainly be missed in the community. Thanks for all of your efforts and presentations at the various User Groups


    Joe (Accord)

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  6. Andy,

    Good luck in your new adventures. We will miss you. Don't forget about us!

    All the best,



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  7. Andy,

    I wish you all the best and thank you again for all your efforts.

    Iouri Smirnov
    Blinco Systems, Canada


    Author: ysmirnov (
  8. Hi Andy,

    It was a pleasure to meet and collaborate with you for so many years. While outside of the Cpwr company nowadays, let me thank you for your patience, your contribution to help solve so many issues and to submit new ideas for Uniface. Enjoy your new life, let's keep in touch. Jean Michel Boulet, ex TAM Canada.

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  9. Andy,

              Best of luck!


                   Bob Maier

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  10. Hello Andy,

    It's been a pleasure knowing you over the years since I've been associated with Uniface, we will miss your enthusiasm and support.

    Good luck with your new venture.

    Best wishes.

    Jamie Blake

    Uniface UK


    Author: Jimmybloke (
  11. Andy -

    I wish you success in your new endeavors.  It was always a pleasure to learn from you at the UUG conferences.


    Scott Butterfield - Kelly Services


    Author: bassjock (
  12. Andy,

    Although I never talked to you directly, I always appreciated your knowledge and information presented in the Uniface Community. My retired colleague, Les Taylor, said you were the one to ask if I ever had a Uniface question or issue I couldn't figure out.

    Best wishes in your new endeavor!

    Jim Mitchell, State of Oregon, DCBS

    Author: mitcheje (
  13. Andy, Thank's for everything during all these years! I wish You all luck with your new business. Please, send me your new contact details. Regards, Sten-Erik

    Author: steine (

    From one brit in the US to another, best wishes for the future, Andy!

    Time flies in the Uniface world.

    Michael Levene, Gate Gourmet

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  15. Words cannot describe the journeys we have taken and the Uniface adventures experienced all these years. Best of luck and please keep in touch!

    You'll be missed my friend.

    Karl Sup (JDA)

    Author: karlsup (
  16. Andy,

    I regard you to be in the top tier of Uniface developers. Your "unique" angle on finding solutions opened up the possibilities for many of us in the community. You ALWAYS maximized the the benefit of Uniface and were always on the bleeding edge. Good luck in your future endeavors and God bless you and yours!


    Author: hoss (
  17. Thank you for all the things you have done for Uniface and for Compuware.

    Good luck in your new endeavors.

    Rob Timmermans

    Author: RobTimmermans (
  18. Andy Uniface community really miss you. You are very good contributor to Uniface from US.

    All the Best

    Gopal Kulkarni

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