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I am doing a tidy up of redundant entities and components.  I tried going in to Go To->Administration->Global Actions, entering the pattern for the components now redundant, and then Edit->Delete This seems to have deleted all the components, and without any warning messages at that. However, the signatures don't seem to have been set to modeled.  I have run a /cln and a full recompile (which gave me the message that there was no implementation for these signatures).  The signature cleaner download can't find the signatures, and I have just spent half an hour finding them all manually and deleting them.  Is the Delete function in the Global Actions safe to use on components? Have I left corrupt data in my IDF somewhere?  Iain


  1. Thanks for that. There's no "need for speed" here. I've kind of done the deletes for the moment.  I am still unsure what the utility of having the signature, which was generated automatically on the first compile of the form, not deleted when the form was deleted, but there you go. Programmers move in mysterious ways. 

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  2. Hi Iain, I was thinking the same - and then I realised there could be non-Uniface implementations of the same component... Maybe we should limit the 'delete signature' to only 'delete Uniface implementation' and if there are no more implementations, delete the signature too? Knut

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  3. Sounds right. 

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  4. Hi Theo, Iain mentions global ACTIONS, not global UPDATES. I think this will make a difference.

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  5. Hmm, for me Global Updates works in Uniface 9.6.05 and Solid. It sets the signatures to Modelled. Can you please run with /pri set and look for database errors in your message frame? What Uniface version and patch do you use? On what database? Do you retrieve one component or multiple? What button do you precisely press? Yes or Yes to All?

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  6. Found it. This is a bug in the Global Actions. When you have specified a profile to delete multiple forms it will delete all those forms. But only for the first one it sets the UDEFPATH in the signature to MDL, the other ones stay FRM/SVC/RPT etc. I have created bug AST30765 for this. If you need it fixed with any priority, please report the problem to the Support team referring to the AST. Theo.

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  7. I made a typing error I meant Actions nolt Updates

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  8. I should point out that the signature editor showed 'Modeled' when I called them up. But they didn't show in the signature cleaner from the download until I added an implementation and took it back out again.  The signature cleaner loads purely on the basis that the UDEFPATH field is 'MDL' so I can only conclude that it wasn't. (I've cleared up all the data now.) SQL Server 2008, Uniface 9.5. (E119)

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