Generate Uniface Entities from existing Sybase database

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Has anyone got any ideas on how to generate a Uniface model from an existing Sybase database?

Back in U6, I remember being able to import a Sybase database into some third part tool (I think it was called Power Designer?), then have that tool generate a "CIF" file, and then import that into U6.  I am not sure if there is such a tool that exists now though. Any ideas?




  1. I can only answer for the situation in Uniface 9, as 9.3 is the version I'm working with on a daily basis.

    Please search the Uniface help files for "Uniface Database Utilities" and you will find that it's stil possible for Oracle, Rdb, Informix, DB2, but unfortunately it seems not possible any more for Sybase.



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  2. Hi,

    The *.CIF file has a very easy syntax.
    Just unload an entity or small model and analyse the result.

    I recommend a small executable which extracts these data and use case-load to get it inside uniface.
    Used it once to transfer a WinWord data description into uniface. Saved us some 2 weeks of typing.


    SUccess, Uli

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  3. Hi,

    You can load the definitions of your tables directly into Uniface using.... Load Definitions.
    Go To -> Administration -> Exchange Models -> Load Definitions
    It works for Sybase and some other databases

    Or you can work with CIF files:
    Go To -> Administration -> Exchange Models -> Case Load
    I don't know if there still are modelling that can export CIF files.

    Hope this helps,

    Theo Neeskens



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