Checkling features used from licesne by application

Author: (lalitpct)

I want to check whether below license features are used by our application or not. How to get more details like wheter we really want this feature , in case we dont have what will happen? # UF Virtual Machine Service Activation 09.06 USRVSVC # UF Client Connector Server Interface 09.06 UCLTSRV


  1. Start DLM, click a license file, press View Log. Filter on USRVSVC. If it is in the log file you are using it. More details are in the Help of DLM.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  2. You can also set the $ioprint in the assignment file. Setting $ioprint = 64 will log all features used when running the application. Something like this: Feature USRVORA expires in 50 days Checkout USRVORA: 1 Loaded 'uora63' from d:\uniface95\common\bin\uora63.dll, version: 9.5.01 E115

    Author: Arno Bonke (