Checking for an instance in another component

Author: (Syed)

Hi I would like to reuse a instance(crystall report app dll) that is initiated from a component in my application (created on application startup to speed up crystal assemblies load time) , I'm not sure how to check if this component is still in memory and how to reuse this instance for all following calls to the reports module. I'm a newbie so forgive my misgivings. I'm looking for something as simple as myInstance.EXISTS or something similiar to Uniface Confused

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  1. Hi Syed, if you have specified your component as "detached", you can check if your instancename still exists with if ($item("myitemname",$detachedinstances != "") .... endif But this is not necessary at all if you do all the initiation in the INIT operation which is invoked only once. Do not use Triggers like EXEC, ACPT, QUIT or the exit command because they will terminate the component. The detached component will be terminated when the application closes down.

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