Adding items to the idf menu

Author: (Juan Balboa)

How to add new items to the idf menu in the development environment?

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I check the usmenu table and could not find


  1. just follow the helpfile (here is the 9.04 version):

    Enable Additional Menu

    Enable or disable the Additional menu option (on the Utilities menu).

    Use the Additional menu to make your own utilities available in your Development Environment.

    How to

    To add an item to the Additional menu option:

    1. Choose Editors > Library > Properties to define the USYS library.
    2. Define a customized menu with the name ADDITIONAL in the USYS library, or another library, and compile it.
       Note:  You can define the ADDITIONAL menu in any library and language combination. If you do so, you must set $VARIATION and $LANGUAGE in the assignment file.
    3. If $RESOURCES_OUTPUT is set, specify the location of the menu and any components it activates, in the [RESOURCES] section of idf.asn.

      Otherwise, update the DOL file or use the $SEARCH_OBJECT assignment file setting.
    4. Choose Utilities > Preferences > General and select Enable Additional Menu.
    5. Choose Utilities > Additional to see your new menu items.

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  2. Thank you, it works in uniface 8 and 9.

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  3. Did you ever considered to use something like UI menu control?It also have a lot of techniques on the UI menu items.

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