Activate of stored procedures

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Hi freaks

Maybe one of you can give me a hint for the following problem:

We need to activate a stored procedure on MS_SQL. As the MS-SQL driver
does not support SSP-calls, the only way is to use SQL/print. No
problem as long as the runing time of the stored procedure (SP) is not
very long.
In our case, the run can take several minutes till hours. So the SP
use RAISERROR to send a few progress infos.

1) If I'm not wrong, there is no way to catch this progress-messages
2) There is no other way to give the user an information about the
progress (UNIFACE-EXE will freeze in time of execution of SP)
3) After a while, TIMEOUT occures. So one have set TIMEOUT to infinite
but on 'normal' queries the is not wanted.

Are there any solutions and/or hints?
Or have I to write an external program in another language and call
this by OCX/DLL?



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  1. Just spawn a MS_SQL client with your commands via commandline.

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (