Author: dylan.huart@gmail.com (Dylan)

Hello, How use gif in uniface ? e.g. make a led flash on a button it's possible ?   Thank you


  1. Hi Only within an HTML widget which renders continuously its contents (the animated gif image). If you include it using a Picture Widget, only first frame is showed (because Uniface is not wasting time in displaying the image, only when its value changes).

    Author: luis.vila (luis.vila@uniface.es)
  2. Hi Luis, Thanks a lot for the response Quickly We are on a 9.3.02 version of Uniface that we will soon migrate. on this version integrate a html widget is possible? if yes, how to integrate with Uniface? Thank you for your help Kiss

    Author: Dylan (dylan.huart@gmail.com)
  3. Hi Nope, it appears with 9.6.01. But it's an excuse to move forward and enjoy with the HUGE improvements 9.6 brought to presentation layer.  For instance, new options for command buttons allow you to define the shape (using different images) when pressed, pass over, or has focus. And the image above the button (to represent its meaning) can be translucent.  Possibly, it could be "integrated" but, probably, "disintegrating" something else. You'll get a mix of DLLs with different versions. Let's say with unpredictable results but when OS says "Unexpected error", you'll think "well, not so unexpected". With latests versions you get a lot more: form containers, HTML widget (with javascript), javascript API, better web services, forlist/forentity statements, structs, ...

    Author: luis.vila (luis.vila@uniface.es)
  4. Thank you for all that information! I'm hurry to pass this version then! we expect for early next year All  the news will be useful for me! Thanks a lot Wink

    Author: Dylan (dylan.huart@gmail.com)
  5. Without waiting for your upgrade, you could possibly use an OCX container to make use of the explorer OCX/ActiveX control, and give it the value of the animated .gif file. This will also render animated gifs.

    Author: rkrite (rkrite@gmail.com)